Why Online Training

Imagine this. Its winters and you are sitting comfortably in your bed with your favourite warm cosy blanket sipping hot coffee with your laptop, listening to what a teacher is teaching to a classroom of hundreds of students, live. Cool, right? This is just one example of why online trainings are on the rise and the reason is evident.
Clear from the term itself, any training which is being conducted online is called Online Training. In this busy world, online trainings have attracted people when it comes to their personal or professional development.

It can be categorized into Face-to-Face or Self-Paced.

Face-To-Face- It is just like sitting in a classroom, but with the teacher’s attention just on you rather than on the whole classroom. When the whole focus is only on you, it’s easier to learn things fast and in depth. The course can be customized according to you and your professional field.

Self-Paced- These are the videos which are already available on the internet and already having a set course material. You can watch them anytime you want without worrying about matching your timings with an instructor. On some websites, it’s also possible to take part in doubt discussions with other students learning the course.

Advantages of Online Training-
1.It is beneficial for the people who have 9 to 5 jobs and still want to learn new things to increase their productivity in their existing jobs or change their field of work. Employers too consider this as a boon as it reduces their training cost for so many employees.
2.It is comparatively cheaper to learn online. There are so many certification courses online which in real world are very expensive.
3.One can always go and revise what they had learnt a year ago.
4.People who create the courses get regular feedback so the videos are being upgraded to help students learn better. More interactive videos can be created for the students.
5.Only pre requisite to learn is basic knowledge of a computer.
With such a vast variety of courses online, people have the freedom to learn different skills and climb up the success ladder. It’s the best investment people can make for themselves.

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