A complete AutoCad Course Description that will cover from Basic to Advance, all 2D and 3D features of the latest version.


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Lesson 1 - Explore the AutoCAD Electrical User Interface

o   Explore the AutoCAD Electrical User Interface

o   Use the AutoCAD electrical Ribbon

o   Right-Click marking bar

o   The Project Manager

o   Drafting Setting Dialog Box


o   Quick Access Toolbar

Lesson 2 - Manage files and projects

Drawing Lines, Rectangles & Circles
Erasing Objects
Using Direct Distance Entry & Polar Tracking
Viewing your drawing – Zoom and Pan

Lesson 3 - More Object Types table

Drawing Arcs & Polylines
Converting Polylines to Lines & Arcs
Converting Lines & Arcs to Polylines

Lesson 4 - Advanced Editing Commands

Using Trim, Extend
Fillet & Chamfer
Offsetting & Mirroring Objects
Creating Arrays of Objects
Join & Explode

Lesson 5 - Drawing Precision

Using Object Snap & Object Snap Overrides
Function and Control Keys
Point & Point Style
Revision clouds

Lesson 6 - Changing Your Drawings

Selecting Objects for Editing
Moving & Copying Objects
Rotating, stretching & Scaling Objects

Lesson 7 - Organizing Your Drawings

Creating New Drawings with Templates
What are Layers?
Layer State – Lock/Freeze/Color/ Line type /Line thickness
Changing an Object’s Layer

Lesson 8 - Annotation

Adding, Formatting & Editing Multiline Text
Spell Checking Text
Using & Editing Hatch Patterns
Adding & Editing Dimensions
Basic Leaders
Selecting a Dimension Style
Arc text

Lesson 9 - Inquiry Information

Measuring a Distance & Area
Information about Objects

Lesson 10 - Inserting Blocks

What are Blocks?
Using Design Center to Insert Blocks

Lesson 11 - Printing

Printing concepts
Plot Settings & Preview

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